Security and safety together: Unisto Comstar with feed-back hole for ribbon

The already well-known Unisto Comstar is one of our top products on the market. The new version of Unisto Comstar with feed-back hole for the ribbon allows not only security on highest level against tampering but also more safety for your employees.

The numbers of injuries to staff caused through accidents at work are a big issue every year, causing physical damages to the staff as also damages to the company itself facing quality management and bad reputation problems.
Sometimes the staff has to seal, for example, a bag and due to time pressure or lack of attention they get hurt by the ribbon, causing a scratch or hurting the eyes. Thanks to the feed-back hole it is possible to store the ribbon after the security seal’s application and thus preventing injuries.

Thanks to a completely new technology in the manufacturing process, Unisto Comstar has absolutely no week points on the seal housing that might enable possible tampering.
Moreover the special solution with feed-back hole for the ribbon allows your company to prevent injuries of the staff.

There are different applications of this pull tight seal, especially in the airline sector, catering, retail, post and cash in transit sectors. Typical applications are for example boxes, bags and trolleys.

For more information, please refer to the Unisto Comstar technical data sheet. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local consultant.

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